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Argument „jQueryNamespace“ was not registered

Was macht man, wenn man beim Aufruf des Extension Manager in TYPO3 folgende Fehlermeldung sieht: ‚Argument „jQueryNamespace“ was not registered‘?

Ganz einfach, den Cache löschen. Erst den üblichen Cache löschen, wenn das nicht reicht, im Bereich „Installation“ | „Clear all cache“ ausführen.

Die Fehlermeldung sah ich nach einem Update von TYPO3 7.6 auf 7.6.1.

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  1. You are not alone.

  2. Henri, didn’t you get it to run by clearing the cache? That worked for me.

  3. Wasn’t that easy on my side. I had a copied instance running in parallel. The „salt“ (see Install Tool) was the same… with 7.6.0 it was running ok. With 7.6.1 it was running crazy. The parallel instances where running on APCu. Something went wrong within the caches. But just clearing did’nt fix it.

  4. Thanks for your report. Sounds awful.

    Sometimes I think, „Okay, this post can help some folks“, but then I have to realize, even if it sounds similar in detail it could be enormously variable.

  5. Need to delete jQueryNamespace=“none“
    from typo3\sysext\extensionmanager\Resources\Private\Layouts\Main.html

  6. Ukr, do you had also many problems with these issue?

    But why clearing the cache in install tool was enough for my instance?

    I think it is maybe occuring because the TYPO3 cache is very resistantly these days.

    They fixed some JavaScript errors in last bug fix release, that may help too, although nothing written about jQuery?

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