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Install TYPO3 Introduction Package

In version 4.4 the TYPO3-Team introduced a new installation method, called „Introduction package“. It let’s you easily install a full TYPO3 instance. I want to have a look.

Go to There you find more information to special packages and the actual version. download page

You will be redirected to where the download immediately starts. You may change there to another mirror. I did it, because the first selected mirror was very slow.

You can check that the downloaded files are correct with a file integrity checker tool. Microsoft published „Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier“ which you find on

Open the command line where you downloaded the file, write there (Please change paths to your settings)


and compare the checksum.

file integrity check result

Copy the zip-file to your document root unzip it there in a folder (C:\xampp\htdocs\introductionpackage_442).

Start xampp especially Apache and MySQL. Direct your browser to

wizard start page

If you didn’t create a database before let it does by the wizard. Type the wanted title of the database in the first field. Otherwise search the created database in the drop down box.

wizard step2 database

Click continue. On my windows system, where Apache and MySQL are real slow it took one minute to see next step.

wizard step3 database creation

In step 4 you type in a password and can set a different color for the demo web page.

wizard step4 install pw

That’s it. Click on „Go to your Website“.

wizard final congrulations

It’s nice. Isn’t it?

start page

Four example users for different purposes are created. So now have a look to backend. Click on „Log into TYPO3“. If you want to log on later, direct your browser to or change the directory according to your configuration.

Insert „admin“ in the box „Username“ and the password you gave in step 4 in the field „Password“. Please don’t forget to change the username „admin“ later to something more unguessable.

login page

Click on „Login“.

This is the start page of TYPO3 back end.

backend start page

To change the username of the admin, click on „User admin“ on the left below „ADMIN TOOLS“. On the right detail page you see the list of back end users. There you click on the pencil to open the edit page of admin.

user admin edit

Change the Username to whatever, write a name and an e-mail address to get system-emails.

backend change admin username

Then click on the icon for floppy disc above.

To test the changed username for admin log off an on or reload the page. Then you can see the news on the right.

backend see new username

That’s it for now.  To get an insight of TYPO3 look at the page module and browse through the automatic pages.

backend modul page another insight

8 Gedanken zu „Install TYPO3 Introduction Package

  1. Since when it is possible to use this package? As a beginner I must try this.

  2. Since 4.4 I think

  3. Hi Erdal
    How can I import the introduction package into a bare install of Typo3? I thought I’d downloaded the complete Introduction Package, but when I installed it I found it was just a bare framework – no pages, templates, users or anything. I managed – I think – to install the Introduction Extension by exporting it from the Typo3 install at and then importing it into my bare install and activating it. However, I can’t seem to make it generate the Introduction site structure. Do you know how I get it working?



  4. Hi Peter,
    i don’t know if it is possible to install the package afterwords like an extension. Some guys who tried it, had many problems. If you had changed something before the parts of the introduction package will not fit.
    From the porpuse the introduction package is for new users to get a installation working out of the box. So to install it afterwords seems not logical.
    In my opinion you better should install the complete package. Did you tried this? On which platform you are working?

  5. Hi Erdal

    Thanks for responding. I installed under localhost on my Ubuntu box. I guess I must have grabbed the wrong package. I’ve just been back to opensourcecms and exported the whole site structure as a .t3d file; I’ll try importing it and see if that works. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I’ve actually used older versions (3.8ish) of Typo3 as an administrator in my last job, but I have no experience of version 4, hence the desire to try the intro package.



  6. Hi Peter,
    you should download the complete application from the url I provided on the top of this post and try to install it on your ubuntu. provides only a older version of TYPO3 – the actual version is 4.4.5. You have a big risk of getting mismatch.

  7. Thanks Erdal – will do. I’m getting nowhere with the .t3d method. Thanks for your time.



  8. you are welcome!

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