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powermail jquery javascript conflict

If you have installed powermail and you use another tool / extension which uses another javascript framework, you may want to deactivate the powermail use of jquery.

Write in constants:

plugin.powermail.js.validation = 0

If this isn’t enough, like it was for me within powermail 1.6.3, than write in setup:

page.includeJSFooterlibs {
 powermail_jQuery.external = 0
 powermail_jQuery =
 powermail_jQueryTools.external = 
 powermail_jQueryTools =  
 powermail_frontend = 

That should to the trick.

Bytheway try the fancy powermail css layout, it is nice and out of the box.

8 Gedanken zu „powermail jquery javascript conflict

  1. only the second part helped me to fix the problem again. There is a conflict between powermail and jf_headerslide. Thanks a lot. In addition I would like to mention that I had to swap the template files as well. I copied these files into my template source „tmpl_fieldwrap.html“, „tmpl_formwrap.html“ and „tmpl_mandatory.html“. Cos even if the problem was fixed I couldn’t submit any Form. I always stayed at the form page. After exchanging my template Files (and doing a filecompare before ) everything works fine. Except that powermail doesn’t seem to save any E-Mails now :-(

  2. Hi Batman,

    thanks for your feedback.

    I tried it again, in my case powermail saves the records in the sysfolder and sends the mails. I also must not copy the templates files somewhere else. But I use rgsmoothgallery not jf_headerslide and TYPO3 version 4.4.5.

    In forge the maintainer explained something about jf_headerslide and powermail, which may help you:

    Good luck

  3. Even if this entry is 2 years old, he still helps :-)!
    I have been searching for a solution to the conflict between Powermail and Smoothgallery. I like to work with two extensions like, but they did not go together.

    And now thanks to you I have the solution.

    Thank you very much

  4. Hello Marion,
    you are welcome and thanks for your feedback.
    Kind regards,

  5. Thanx a lot! 2. solution works very well. Puh, you made my day :-)

  6. Hi Chris, thanks for your feedback!

  7. Guten Tag Erdal
    Vielen Dank, das war die Lösung!

  8. Hallo Sandra,
    danke für Dein Kommentar.
    Viele Grüße

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